Our History

Ransome & Gwynn has its roots in 2004 when Martin Murphy inherited some bespoke pieces made on Savile Row and fell in love with the craft and tradition of tailoring.  By 2006 he had collected many great pieces, headless as to whether they fit him or not, and he turned to eBay as a way to find homes for them.  However, he found that selling items just allowed him to buy more and so there were more to sell.  Nearly ten years later it’s still going like that.  To date we have sold more than 7,000 menswear items on eBay and we continue to grow.

Our Philosophy

Dress yourself.  This means dress AS yourself, choosing your own clothing.  Ransome & Gwynn is here to help with fine examples of contemporary and vintage menswear.  We eschew novelty for the classic and vintage looks that add depth and style to any wardrobe.  Wearing something that speaks to you, and of you, makes your appearance as individual as you are. 

Our Promise

When you buy fine used and vintage clothing online from Ransome & Gwynn here is what you’re getting: Someone to go through tens of thousands of pieces and pick out the best ones.  Then sort, steam, launder (if necessary), repair (if necessary), and present a large selection to you accurately and honestly, all organized by size, type, season, & etc., answer your questions promptly; and finally deliver them to you by post. 

At Ransome & Gwynn we have always had a great deal of respect for the pieces we handle and for our customers.  This is what you can expect from us.